Joseph Vankuiken represents the Performer of the Issue for his enthusiasm for theater

Joseph Vankuiken represents the Performer of the Issue for his enthusiasm for theater

By Ally Green

Joseph Vankuiken takes Ms. Kelly Bales’ drama class as an elective class. He excels in this form of art and is viewed as a supportive individual who obtains a positive mindset and encourages those around him. Bales is appreciative of his cooperation and improv abilities when it comes to putting on a show. 

“I chose him because his improv skills and understanding of his character add quite a bit of humor to an already humorous play,” said Bales. “He also understands what comes across as funny and adds little fragments of humor to his character.”

Vankuiken puts his best effort into anything he is a part of. No matter what part he plays, he is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs assistance, as well as doing his part effortlessly and calmly while being under the lights. 

“He is extremely comfortable and confident on stage,” said Bales. “He is very kind and encouraging to his fellow castmates and is always willing to jump in when we need to move sets or anything else that needs to be done. He works incredibly hard to learn his lines and be the best version of his character on stage.”

Vankuiken says that the auditorium is a safe place, allowing anyone to be themselves and express their emotions and actions through acting. It also provides a social experience and even practice with confidence while on stage.

“In the auditorium, you can just be yourself, no one judges, and everyone is there to have fun,” said Vankuiken. “Improv is your best friend, but most importantly, so is Mrs. Bales.”

Out of all the activities that the drama class provides, the silly things that happen become the most memorable events in a person’s life. As for Vankuiken, his favorite activity has to be practicing scenes in a play. However, he soon realized that it was more difficult than the average person would think.

“Sword fighting would have to be something that I enjoy while in drama,” said Vankuiken. “It takes more stance and arm strength than people think.”

Vankuiken can be himself around his castmates, and this type of environment allows him to fully connect with this activity.