Justin Hogan dribbles his way to his goals

Justin Hogan dribbles his way to his goals

By Cynthia Ruiz

Justin Hogan who plays for the freshman boys basketball team was nominated by coach Brandon Eastman for his leadership skills towards the team.

“He shows up every day whether it’s a game or practice and works so hard to keep improving his skills,” said Eastman.“He asks a lot of questions which tells me that he not only wants to be a better basketball player but also a smarter basketball player.”

Hogan is dedicated by showing up every day to practice, giving it day by day to level up his skills, and asking questions to reveal a better aspect of what it takes for him to become a better player.

“He has also really stepped up as a leader for the team,” said Eastman. “Justin has just been a joy to coach so far this year.”

Hogan takes the time during practice to level up his skills that he’d never thought he could do.

“My favorite part of the season so far is getting to travel,” said Hogan. “Traveling is one of the things that I enjoy most because I take the time to spend time with my friends and yes this season is fun.”

Getting to collaborate with other teams during games is one of the things he also enjoys doing. He would like to reach his goals to become better and better with his skills each time during practice.

“The goal that I have set for myself is to get as many wins,” said Hogan. “But I also realized losing is what makes us stronger.”