JV boy’s basketball pull win over Elko

JV boy’s basketball pull win over Elko

By Wyatt Lester Posted January 19, 2013

Tuesday the Bucks played long-time rival, Elko, and it was a matchup that proved positive for Lowry adding yet another W to their record.

Omar Guerrero put up 22 points for the Bucks and helped carry the team throughout the game. The game was a solid performance by the JV squad and Jacob Von Aspern noted the boys’ performance as a ‘pretty good job `.

Von Aspern said, “Rivalries are sweet. It’s always exciting and our rivalry with Elko is huge. I thought we did pretty well, we had a lot of turnovers though. I did alright and had a couple of points.”

Von Aspern stated that they have done a good job so far and look forward to their next game.

“We’re going to do pretty well. We’ve been pretty solid so far this season and our only losses have been to Douglas and Spanish Springs, but our next game against Battle Mountain on Friday should go good,” said Von Aspern.

A final score of 52-39 was a comfortable lead to the end for the Bucks and the JV boys will play their next game in Battle Mountain this Friday.