JV boys yet to lose

By Harley Long Posted January 3, 2012

Tuesday, the 13th of December Lowry’s JV boys basketball team played the Truckee Wolverines. The final score was 51–26.

Josh Shaver made the majority of the baskets with Justin Albright right behind. The first four seconds after tip-off Dusty Bryan scored the first basket, starting the game off very well. The Bucks started the game off fast-paced, basket after basket.

The Wolverines didn’t do as well; they were a little under the weather and didn’t score very high. Head coach Jeff Rinas said, “The game went great, there were only little mishaps, but by the next game they will know exactly how to handle it all.”

So far the boys have shown phenomenal defense and a consistent scoring pattern.

When asking the team how they played Christopher Mendoza said, “I think we played alright, we had one too many turnovers. Overall we did well and came out with a win.” The JV boys play again on Friday and hope to keep their undefeated streak going.

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