JV girl’s basketball ready to run the court 

JV girl’s basketball ready to run the court 

By Alexa Toscano 

The JV basketball team is finally set to begin with a total of thirteen players for this year’s season. These girls worked hard to make the team many of them practiced hard and attended all of the open gyms that were available to make sure that they were ready to the best of their abilities.

This year, the JV girls have a new coach, Alyssa Jones.

 “I think we will have a successful year,” said Jones. ”I already see improvement from the girls from our first week. They show up every day and work really hard to become better basketball players.”

All of the girls take practice very seriously. They attend all practices, even morning and night practices. Isabel Upton is a sophomore this year who made the team. 

The team is excited about all the memorable memories they will make as a team. Isabel Upton is a sophomore who made the team she is excited about all the memories she will be able to make. 

“I’m excited about the team aspect and friendships that come with traveling together,” said Upton.

This year’s team consists of Maite Avalos, Ludivynne Canales, Ludivynne Canales, Natalia Cassinelli, Matti DeLong, Adalyn Entwistle, Lexi Hernandez, Kalli Raabe, Mariah Ramos, Hazen Root, Isabel Upton, Tariana Weatherspoon and Macy Whitted.