Keeping it clean

By Justin Albright Posted February 6, 2013

As all of us know by now, we recently had a new basketball floor installed and, as an athlete, I personally love this court because we were in desperate need. However, in order to keep this court nice and clean and make sure that it lasts, we need to make sure that a couple of things happen.

To keep this court clean, there can’t be street shoes allowed, which many other schools in Northern Nevada are doing.  Street shoes cause the court to get very dirty and slowly wear them down. It should be a requirement for PE kids to wear specific shoes for class just to keep this court clean. If you were to go and look at the court, you can easily identify numerous scratches, scuff marks, and a ridiculous amount of dirt all from the filthiness of street shoes.

I understand that the Old Gym is used for many activities such as band concerts, assemblies, and choir performances, but I just think that this gym should be used for basketball only. If we can’t make this a “basketball-only” gym, then we can at least make the people who are going to be walking on the floor take off their street shoes and walk in socks. 

Also, there shouldn’t be any of those magic shows allowed on this court, mainly because all of the heavy equipment that these shows place on the floor causes a ridiculous amount of dead spots.  The Events Center is a perfect spot for all of these magician shows and there’s more room available in the Events Center than in the old gym. 

Our new court is incredible, and with how expensive it is I just think that we should make certain rules for our court just so we can make it last.