Keeping the streak alive; varsity girls basketball preview

Keeping the streak alive; varsity girls basketball preview

By Danielle Scott

The past two years have been successful for the varsity girl’s basketball team, they won state for the 3A championship the past two years in a row. Their head coach Chelsea Cabatbat has pushed them to reach their potential and worked with them to better themselves.

The girls are expecting to have another good season with many of the starters continuing to play for their senior year, they have a lot to work with and to use to get to the championship once again.

“I am most excited about playing with the team and the relationships I will build with them,” said Cambria Tisue. “I think we will work and play together the best this year.”

With the season just starting they are figuring out their place on the team and have been working on both their strengths and weaknesses.

“I think our weaknesses right now is we are just getting into the season so we don’t all know how everyone plays especially younger girls and new girls,” said Tisue.

They have been working to grow as a team and learn how to work better together.

“My team and I are already in the gym working hard and I feel like we have a lot to improve on but that is a good thing in the beginning of the year,” said Bryce Brinkerhoff. 

Brinkerhoff was on Varsity last year and helped to win the 3A State championship and is hopeful for this season.

“This season changed from last year because we have picked up from where we left off last year,” said Brinkerhoff. “My team worked hard in the summer and I believe we look better in the beginning of this season than last.”

They have been putting in the work and hours, and have a great season ahead of them.

This year’s team consists of sophomores Maura Braatz and Audry Mason; juniors Britain Backus, Natalee Formby, Allison Green and Khlloe Shorey; and seniors Bryce Brinkerhoff, Miranda Draper, Katlyn Gomez, Autum Sanchez, Savannah Stoker and Cambria Tisue.