Lady Bucks fall short against Elko

Lady Bucks fall short against Elko

By Jolyn Garcia Posted January 19, 2013

On Tuesday night, the varsity girls’ basketball team faced off against their rivals, Elko. In the days leading up to the game, many fans expressed their excitement to witness this match-up.

“We felt like the underdogs going into that game. We were confident and felt like we had something to prove,” stated Alyssa Jones.

The Lady Bucks had a slow start in the first quarter, only scoring five points and trailing Elko by eight. The second quarter did not prove to be any better for Lowry. Elko used their excellent passing to their advantage and gained seven more points, leaving the halftime score 20-13.

“Playing Elko and having a close score helped us,” said Jones.

Despite their hard work the Lady Bucks fell short and lost to Elko, 50-40.

The girls will be going to Battle Mountain on Friday for their game at 6:00 p.m.