LHS senior year in retrospect

LHS senior year in retrospect

By Camille Lyon Posted June 3, 2009

The school year is coming to an end and this may seem gratifying for most students, but for others who are seniors, they do not want to let it go.

The year has gone by with many opportunities for having a great senior year. There was the senior sunrise, numerous assemblies, spirit activities, dances, including their last prom, and games for seniors to attend to end their last high school days. Most seniors wish to leave this town faster than they are prepared for, but perhaps some will miss the comfort of Lowry High School. Senior Jordan Sloan feels content with the outcome of his senior year.

“Overall the year went by too fast, but for the most part it was awesome,” said Sloan.

For most seniors, they feel they are ready to graduate. Some feel they focused on academics because they had more time with off periods, but others may insist that “senioritis” was to blame for their laziness.

Senior Esmeralda Aguilar will mostly miss all of the activities at Lowry.

“I will miss being involved here,” said Aguilar.

Sloan will mostly miss all of the friends he has made at Lowry. One of Sloan’s most memorable experiences as a senior was the Incline game for soccer when his team went to the zone championships. “

All of my memories in sports are my best high school experiences,” said Sloan.

Whether seniors are choosing to attend college, join the military, or take a year off, many are anxious to leave.

“Of course, college is going to be so much fun!” exclaimed Sloan when he was asked if he was anxious to leave.

The year is not over yet. There are still many more activities for seniors to take part in and to hopefully make their senior year the best it could ever be.

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