LHS Staff Members of the Month

LHS Staff Members of the Month

By Esmeralda Aguilar Posted December 1, 2008

This month’s staff members of the month are the class advisors. They are being recognized for their hard work and the dedication they put into making each class a likely candidate for the class of the year. While some have been advisors for longer than four years, many are new to advising, yet all the advisors bring a special something to their class.

Mrs. Michele Doyle is one of the most recently appointed advisors. This year, she took the place of the freshman class advisor. Although Mrs. Doyle has been at Lowry for eighteen years, this year is the only year she has been a class advisor. Her favorite part of being an advisor is working with the three class officers.

Mrs. Leslie Molina is also new to being an advisor. She has been at Lowry for two years, and this is her first year as a class advisor. Mrs. Molina filled the slot for the sophomore class advisor. She enjoys being an advisor because of the energy her students give off and the fun memories they make together.

Mrs. Laura Mercado, the junior class advisor, has been an advisor since she started working at Lowry. She has been the junior class advisor for six years, and enjoys it because of the wild ideas kids always seem to come up with. Mrs. Mercado also laughs at the funny incidents that have happened to her since becoming an advisor, like falling during a pep assembly.

Mrs. Kristin Flanders is one of the longest-serving class advisors. Currently, she is the senior class advisor, but in the past, she has also been the junior class and sophomore class advisor. Her favorite part of being the senior class advisor is getting to know the seniors and preparing for graduation.

Mrs. Janet Kennedy, also a senior class advisor, has been an advisor since her first year at Lowry. She has taught and been a class advisor for twenty-two years. Her favorite part of being an advisor is, “the kids. They keep me ageless,” she said. During her long service as an advisor, she has had experiences that range from driving a float under the underpass that exceed the height limit, to performing Michael Jackson’s Thriller with other members of the Lowry High staff.

All the class advisors are worthy of being selected as the staff members of the month. They have all proved themselves to be hard-working and capable of leading and guiding their students to success. The students at Lowry High are lucky to have such dedicated teachers.

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