Loss against South Tahoe ends season for Buckaroos

Loss against South Tahoe ends season for Buckaroos

By Jolyn Garcia Posted November 7, 2012

For the first time in three years, the Varsity boy’s soccer team earned a spot in the regional playoffs. Last Tuesday the Bucks headed to South Tahoe with the intention of defeating the Vikings in the first regional playoff game.

Having played them twice before and losing both games, the Bucks were determined to be victorious and continue on the road to the state tournament. Starting defender Alex Roark remembers the previous games and where the team went wrong against South Tahoe.

“We got over-confident having the lead at halftime, we got a little lazy defensively and they took advantage.” Roark added, “Those were just tournament games. Tomorrow it counts.”

At halftime, the score was 2-1 with South Tahoe in the lead. During the second half, there was an uncalled handball against the Vikings, which resulted in them adding another goal against Lowry. The boys’ confidence in winning was shattered by the one-point lead that South Tahoe had. The Vikings added another goal in the last five minutes of the game on a penalty kick.

The Buckaroos, who finished sixth place in the regular season, fell for the third time to the higher-seated Vikings, finishing the last game of their season 4-2.