Lowry Code

By Kaity Sample and Aimee Brandon, Posted October 14, 2016

Lowry is an odd place. You know how there are just usually unwritten rules that everyone understands? Well obviously there are some things we need to go over because some people just don’t understand.

Even though this has been said almost more than 100 times in this newspaper since the beginning of time, no PDA. Stop. Every year there are couples who are in everyone’s way macking on each other, and so I thought I’d mention that early on in case someone forgot. Literally stop, its so annoying. Also I’d like to talk about the glass hallway, why are there giant groups of people standing in front of the entrance? Go to the courtyard or something, it isn’t that cold yet. And when it does get cold go to the cafeteria or your classroom. Whatever you do just don’t stand in my way.

Aimee: Yeah, PDA. My day starts out walking to Mr. Corak’s class and as I walk outside by the back of the old gym there is always this couple kissing away right there. I mean at least they’re not in the middle of the hallway, but still. And everyday as I walk by they give me this look like “you weirdo why are you watching us make out?” Uh no. Then on my way to second period every single day there’s this couple leaning against the auditorium doors making out. Like seriously? That’s what we have dugouts for, Lowry.

Kaity: Don’t disrupt a teacher. I’m not sure why, but kids often get it in their head that they are right or think its funny to say stupid things while a teacher is talking. Especially if it is a teacher as sweet as Mrs. James or Mr. Espinola. Just don’t do it. Not only are you acting like a fool, but it’s disrupting class. Class is only 55 minutes long, just hold it in and say it after class. If you have something relevant to say to the topic being taught raise your freaking hand, it’s not rocket science people (unless it really is rocket science).

Aimee: You know what also isn’t rocket science? Not walking slow. I’m in Leadership so I am supposed to be nice to people, but I have a hard time not yelling at people to get a move on or get out of the way. Or when groups of people just stand in the middle of the hall talking and just having a great time. No. Leave. The hallways are only like 3 yards wide. There is not room for large groups to stand around. Please. Thank you.