Movie Review: ‘Courageous’

By Kate Morton, Posted October 14, 2016

“Courageous” is a four-star film rated PG-13 starring Alex Kendrick (“Fireproof”), Ben Davies (“Virtuous”), and Renee Jewell. Released in 2012, “Courageous” was said to be a very emotional, captivating movie. It has some extraordinary, poignant, heart-rending scenes and some of the funniest scenes in filmmaking.

The story line consists of four fathers, Nathan Hayes, Adam Mitchell, Shane Fuller, and David Thompson who are all best buddies and work in the same field as deputies at the local sheriff’s department. However, these men seem to get caught up in their line of work and forget to spend time with their families after they clock out. Mitchell is blindsided by this fact when he endures a tragedy in his family, he decides to be a better father and to make a commitment to his friends and family and give them permission to hold him accountable in doing so.

One of the four fathers went back on his word and ended up losing all the progress he had made toward his family and ended up in a bad place. Adam said he would watch over his son for him while he was getting his life back on track since the boy would need a reliable father figure in his life to raise him up to be a man.

All of Mitchell’s close friends decide to make this commitment to their families as well. Some of them even own up to mistakes they’ve made in the past and use this opportunity as a way to make permanent changes in their everyday lives.

“Courageous” is a great movie for those who love a good laugh but also enjoy a tearjerker combined with action-packed scenes.

“Courageous” was produced by Steven Kendrick and directed by Alex Kendrick who also starred in the film “Courageous.”