Lowry Drama performs ‘Peter Pan’

By Jessie Schirrick Posted March 17, 2012

Lowry Drama has really outdone themselves this week by performing a rendition of the classic Disney story, “Peter Pan.”

I saw the production myself and observed that it was funny and entertaining in every sense of the word. The actors and actresses really worked hard and nailed all of their lines and lived their characters with enthusiasm and intelligence.

Chase Estes played the part of Peter Pan while Maryanne House played Peter Pan’s “mother,” Wendy. Cameron Echave performed the role of the conniving Captain Hook. Some other famous characters included were Eman Eizenga and Jeremiah Maestrejuan as Wendy’s two younger brothers, Renee Poole/Carly Bell both shared the part as Tinker Bell, Greg Forney as Smee, and Jack Hill as the sinister crocodile.

We shall not easily forget the wonderful work done by the drama department’s stagecraft crew. The extravagant Neverland set was rather eye-catching as were the wonderfully orchestrated lights and music.

Freshman Abby Flores thought Carly Bell’s performance was excellent.
“Carly was really funny,” said Flores.

Unfortunately, this play will be the last to be performed this year at Lowry, but we are all looking forward to what’s to come.

Wendy Darling: Marion House and Tiffany Newman
Michael Darling: Eman Eizenga
John Darling: Jeremiah Maestrejuan
Mrs. Darling: Maeve Donovan
Mr. Darling: Kevin Boyle
Nana: Michael Drake
Liza: Tiffany Newman and Marion House
Tinker Bell: Carly Bell and Renee Poole
Crocodile: Jack Hill

Peter Pan: Chase Estes
Tootles: Sienna Beal
Nibs: Savannah Montero
Pans: Carly Bell and Renee Poole
Slightly: Johnny Hernandez
Curley: Alec Mayo

Captain Hook: Cameron Echave
Smee: Gregory Forney
Starkey: Maeve Donovan
Cookie: Leandra Miller
Skylight: Tiffany Newman and Marion House
Noodles: Kevin Boyle

Great Big Little Panther: AJ Jackson
Tiger Lilly: Jillian Pfarr and Alexis Kranovich
Chattering Chipmunk: Michael Drake
Two Moons: Bailey Laird
Raging Waters: Jillian Pfarr and Alexis Kranovich

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