Lowry ends losing streak with win against Cole Valley Christian School

Lowry ends losing streak with win against Cole Valley Christian School

By Jayna Hill Posted September 16, 2008

September 12, 2008, will be a night forever burned into our memories as the night Lowry ended its 19-game losing streak.

“I’m pretty ecstatic,” said defensive coordinator Shaun Murgel. When asked how it felt to win, Lowry’s running back Trevor Grant answered, “After a long time, pretty relieving. It’s been two years since we’ve won so it’s a pretty big relief to finally get a win.”

Quarterback Gus Ramasco added, “It feels like a big weight has finally been lifted off us and we can start to accomplish a lot more than we expected.”

The 45-33 win was Lowry’s first since beating White Pine in 2006. To earn the win Lowry traveled five hours to Meridian, Idaho to play the Chargers. According to Ramasco, the Bucks started out slow and were 14 points behind early in the first quarter. However, they quickly came back and tied the score.

“After our second offensive drive we started getting stuff going and we got into a rhythm. I’d like to see more in the future,” stated Ramasco.

Trevor Grant./Jayna hill • The Brand
Trevor Grant./Jayna hill • The Brand

Grant added to that statement saying, “We actually played as a team. Last year our same team now would have just started yelling at each other and fighting and everyone would just quit. But now everyone stuck together and just kept playing hard and that’s why we won,”

When asked what they expected from Yerington Ramasco replied , “Not a lot. I expect a huge victory for us…definitely.”

Grant says in order to win more, or keep winning, the team needs to get in better physical shape. Ramasco agrees and adds that they also need to work more together as a team not just as individuals.

Grant also mentioned he thinks they will win more games this season if they continue working hard. Grant continued, saying winning this game will give the team more confidence going into league games, and they may have a possibility of making it to the playoffs this year.

Mary Granath contributed to this article

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