Hispanic Organization is back

By Esmeralda Aguilar Posted September 19, 2008

On Wednesday, the Lowry Hispanic Organization held its first meeting of the year. The meeting was held in Mr. Wilson’s room; food was provided.

Advisors Jonathan Gibson and Sean Wilson were both excited with the number of people who showed up for the meeting. Mr. Wilson said, “Based on today’s meeting, we may need to get a bigger room.”

At least one-fourth of the students who showed up were not Hispanic, another one-fourth were new members, and the last half were returning members.

“You don’t need to be Hispanic to join the Hispanic Organization,” said club president, Elizabeth Aguilar, “You just have to have a drive to be there.”

Gloria Avila, the club Secretary/Treasurer and Vice-President, also stressed this idea. The club now wants to implement an attendance policy that will help to persuade students to go to the monthly meetings.

“I expect that the Hispanic Organization will be huge. We’ll have lots of people being happy to be part of it, wanting to do something, that they’ll do service, have fun, work, play, and be happy that they are part of the organization,” said Mr. Gibson.

Both Mr. Gibson and Mr. Wilson are excited about the next meeting. The Hispanic Organization’s first projects will be their annual Teacher’s Lunch-In, Homecoming, and the bond project.

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