The Brand announces publish dates for print version

By Mary Granath Posted September 19, 2008

Mark your calendars Lowry students! Lowry High School’s newspaper, The Brand, will be going to print five times this year. In addition, regular updates on the online version of The Brand will produce five actual papers throughout the school year. October 22, April 8, and May 20 are the set dates for the student newspaper to go to print.

When asked about The Brand, Vice Principal Byron Jeppsen said, “I was supportive of Mr. Espinola starting the class. I think it’s a great thing.”

There are many others who are eager to check out the print version of the paper such as Mrs. Sylvia Covarrubias who said, “I’m excited to read it. I think it will help give people valuable student information.”

Students are also enthusiastic to read the paper. Sophomore Tyler Cox proclaimed, “I think it’s going to be epic.”

Fellow Sophomore Dean Vetter agreed.

Ashlee Lee, a Junior, said, “I think it’s great. It will help the kids here know what’s going on so they can be more involved in their school.”

It seems everyone here at Lowry is excited to see The Brand print. Until October 22 keep checking online for periodic updates.

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