Take a Tip

By Esmeralda Aguilar Posted September 19, 2008

As our summer memories fade, our focus on fun changes and turns to school. For many, the commencement of school is tiring and affects many of the things we do; our style is among what is affected.

While some of us can’t wear what we want (mostly because of school policies), others choose not to wear the clothing that marks their individualism. Many students can’t find the time or the money to buy the clothes they like.

Aeropostale, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Billabong are three of the most widely worn brand names at Lowry. Although some teenagers can afford to buy large amounts of these expensive clothing lines, others cannot. An easy alternative to buying brand name clothing at a reasonable rate is to find it in cheaper stores.

One such type of store is Ross (located in Reno). Ross carries brand name shirts, sweaters, and pants for prices that are usually under twenty dollars. It also carries clothing that is unpopular but still looks good. This store is also located next to an Old Navy, so you can easily check out two stores at once.

Another good store to glance through would be Plato’s Closet (also in Reno). Although it is technically considered a secondhand store, the clothes brought to this shop have to be fairly new and in good condition. It would be difficult to differentiate between clothes bought at Plato’s Closet and clothes bought in a retail shop. The store is filled with today’s “in” brands, and will most likely carry your favorite brand.

The end of summer doesn’t necessarily mean the end of style it just means trying something new. For those students who wish to dress for a minimal amount of money and yet still look good, check out these alternatives. You’ll save a good deal of money and maybe even have enough saved to buy another outfit!

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