Lowry performs Christmas special; ‘A Christmas Carol’

By Aimee Brandon Posted December 20, 2016

Lowry’s Drama and Stagecrafts didn’t take a break this holiday season. After presenting “Grease” this fall, this winter they brought “A Christmas Carol” to Winnemucca on December 18 and 19. The drama students were excited to get back onto the stage and into the spotlight.

“I expected it to go real good and be a lot of fun and it was an enjoyable experience for all of us. I was excited to get back on the stage and entertain people because it’s what I like doing most,” said senior Tyler Jenkins.

In case you have been living under a rock your entire life here’s a quick explanation of “A Christmas Carol”.

“Well it’s the classic ‘Christmas Carol’. It’s about an old man who doesn’t like Christmas and he’s an all around grinch. He’s visited by three ghosts who try to fix his attitude. There’s lots of Christmas carols incorporated into the play and it’s full of Christmas spirit,” said Jenkins.

The play incorporates the audience as the audience got to sing along.

“It was like Christmas every day going into drama, we got to sing Christmas carols every day. It’s fun work with the different people and get to know them,”Odali Ruiz.

For this special Christmas production there was a matinee show at 1 p.m. on Sunday, December 18. After the play Santa made a surprise appearance. The only night performance was Monday, December 19.

“I hope everyone enjoyed the play and if they got anything from it I hope it was to not be a Scrooge this Christmas,” said Kinley Carlson.