Making the list for dear ol’ Santa

By Nick Petty Posted December 20, 2016

Dear Santa,

This is year hasn’t been an easy year to be a good boy in. It is my senior year, my last year of high school. I think it is also safe to say that 2016 definitely was not a year to remember for the books. Now, that is where you come in, ending this year with a few request that I have for you would give me much relief to end this dreadful year with a little joy. First thing I would like to request from you for my spicy Christmas list would be to fill up my savings account to the max. The max to me would be a small loan of a million dollars. Let’s be real santa, college isn’t going to pay for itself. Next item on the list, would be the iPhone 7 plus, like seriously everyone has one and it would be glorious to join the trend.

Oh jeez, I am sounding so spoiled right now, let’s take a break from what i want for a minute and see what other people want this Christmas. A good friend of mine by the named of Mayte Castellanos has been wanting some high quality makeup lipstick kits from the brand known as ‘Kylie Cosmetics’.

In all honestly, Mayte’s lips would be on fleek if she got a hold of these lipstick kits. Analisa Perez said she wanted just money for her Christmas list.

“I want to be able to spoil myself and treat me like a queen.” said Analisa. Alright enough about the others, it’s my time to shine again. I have one last request for your hectic list dear ol’ Santa. Something i have been wanting for years even when I was a child with a pure imagination. Alright, here it goes, I want superpowers. Hear me out Santa, do you know how cool it would be to be able to fly or teleport? I could save people and that would definitely put me on your “nice list”. Well, that is all i want for Christmas, oh Santa please come through.


Nick Petty