Performer Of The Issue: Katelyn Castonguay

By Ale Ibarra Posted December 20, 2016

Improvement will always be appreciated no matter where you look. It might not be from the people you’d expect, but it will be appreciated. In this case, junior Katelyn Castonguay, was recognized as the Performer of the Issue.

Julia Topholm, an art teacher at Lowry, chose one student out of many that was worthy.

“She’s an Art II student, I had her in Art I and she did struggle a little bit, but she always improved with every project. This year having her in art two it’s just a pleasure to see the improvement and to see what she was able to retain from art one to improve her artistic techniques and her overall project that she turns in. The quality is a lot higher and every project, the same as art one, she just keeps improving,” said Topholm.

Castonguay pointed out that it was “Mrs. T” who inspired her to become better at her work.

“Since this year started, and since I’ve been doing it [art] she tells me how good my artwork is and how much I have progressed since my freshman year,” said Castonguay.

Art is an important part of her life.

“Art is a hobby for me. It helps me relax and forget about what’s around me. It will most definitely benefit me [in the future], it teaches you how to see things in a different perspective and helps me become more patient,” said Castonguay.

She also believes that the Arts should be taken seriously because it’s valuable knowledge that helps people express themselves.

“Arts should be taken more seriously because you have no idea the creativity it takes and all the tiny details it takes, to make something look so much better that no one even thinks of,” said Castonguay.