Lowry teachers receive honors

Lowry teachers receive honors

By Weston Irons Posted May 29, 2013

Two teachers here at Lowry High School, Mr. Ron Beck and Ms. Amie Godinez will both receive awards for being good teachers and being a help to all of the Lowry students.

Mr. Ron Beck has been a teacher at Lowry for 23 years and is a history teacher here at Lowry. Beck is a very informative teacher and teaches students about a time before ours as well as current events.

“It’s a great honor to receive this award and it helps validate what you’re doing which is making a difference,” said Beck.

Beck’s favorite part about teaching here at Lowry is doing what he has always wanted to do.

“I was able to become a history teacher, which is something I’ve always wanted to do, and also coach football, so dreams do come true,” said Beck.

Amie Godinez. /Winnada
Amie Godinez. /Winnada

Ms. Amie Godinez is also a recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award. She has been a teacher at Lowry for 21 years and teaches Spanish I-IV. She teaches students a language that they will use in real-world situations.

Godinez loves to see students using what they have learned in class.

“After teaching 21 years, the biggest thing that a student can do is take something that we have learned in class and use it in the real world,” said Godinez.

“I’m happy to have received this award and happy to be recognized for the hard work that I do in my class,” said Godinez.

Students appreciate all of the work that these teachers do and thank them for all they have taught them.