Lowry to host Northern Regional Student Council Conference

Lowry to host Northern Regional Student Council Conference

By Madeline Mitch Posted October 25, 2012

Note: This article provided by Leadership.

This year, Lowry High School is hosting the 2012 Northern Regional Conference for the Nevada Association of Student Councils. The conference is usually hosted by the school of the Northern Region Representative. This year’s representative is Maddie Mitch. Lowry will host the leadership classes of the 14 schools in the Northern Region. We have approximately 350 students and advisors attending this year’s conference.

The conference will take place on November 5 and the guest speaker is Shawn Harper, an ex-NFL player, and motivational speaker. The conference’s theme will be “The Wonderful World of Leadership” and will be centered on Disney. The conference will also feature a variety of workshops that teach students about various aspects of leadership.

The purpose of the conference is to educate students on how to be better leaders in their schools. The students will attend workshops and JC Group sessions that teach them different aspects of being a good leader as well as give them ideas for school spirit activities. JC Groups help connect the leadership students from different schools across the region and share ideas.

Jennae Johnson, Lowry’s student body president is looking forward to the conference. She said, “I’m super stoked for the conference and can’t wait to be a JC leader! It’s always exciting to meet new people from other schools and have them here at Lowry. I love making new student council friends!”