Movie Review: ‘Lawless’

By Justin Albright Posted October 24, 2012

This movie is based on a true story about three brothers, Forrest (Tom Hardy), Jack (Shia Labeouf), and Howard (Jason Clarke), who go around Virginia selling Moonshine to the local folks and are encountered by police who want to make a profit in their business.

 One day, Jack sees notorious gangster, Floyd Banner (Gary Oldman), shoot at a bunch of innocent people. Jack runs to their bar and tells his brothers about the incident. Forrest then hires Maggie (Jessica Chastain) to help run the bar.

Special Deputy Charley Rakes (Guy Rakes), then tells the brothers that he wants a cut of all profit made by the county’s bootleggers, and Forrest responds by threatening Rakes that he’ll kill him if he returns. Forrest tries to get his fellow bootleggers to help him fight back against the law, but they all fall under Rakes’ intimidation factor.

While Jack and Howard are out selling moonshine, Forrest gets attacked at the bar as two people hired by Rakes, slit Forrest’s throat. According to legend, Forrest is invulnerable, so the slitting of his throat doesn’t kill him. While Forrest is recovering in the hospital, Jack and Cricket (Dane DeHaan) then go to Chicago to sell moonshine but are double-crossed by their clients. But Floyd Banner comes to the rescue, and then gives Jack the addresses of the people that tried to murder Forrest. The three brothers then plan to get their revenge on Rakes, and the men who tried to kill Forrest, as Forrest and Howard track the men down and kill them.

The three brothers then take their moonshine business into the forest for protection but are soon ambushed by Rakes’ men. The brothers escape the ambush, but Rakes murders Cricket, and the brothers decided that that was the last straw as they go try to kill Rakes. Forrest, Jack, Howard and the rest of the Bootleggers, then engage Rakes at the bridge. Forrest and Jack are both shot, but one of the bootleggers manages to shoot Rakes in the leg as he’s trying to escape.

Jack and Howard then follow Rakes and then kill him.

After that intense battle on the bridge, Jack and Forrest stay on the hospital due to their gunshot wounds, but slowly recover and are able to go home. The three brothers all learn to settle down after their crazy early days, and they all find out their separate lovers and end up having a family.

This is a must-see movie due to its constant action scenes. You’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time due to all the twists and turns. There are also some scenes of humor that’ll relieve you from all the action. This is definitely a father-son type of movie due to the humor and violence.