Lowry welcomes new teachers for new year

Lowry welcomes new teachers for new year

By Audry Mason Posted June 8, 2023

The upcoming year will be filled with new teachers and teachers taking on different roles.

A big step for Lowry is Mr. Ray Parks’ retirement. Mr. Shaun Taylor has been moved up to principal for the new year and has big hopes for the upcoming year.

“I am looking forward to developing more relationships with more students,” said Taylor. “I am also looking forward to seeing our students grow and continue to accomplish great things during their time at Lowry and beyond.”

Being a principal is a big responsibility and requires a lot of time, effort, and patience. Taylor is ready to make this hard job seem easy.

“I will have different responsibilities such as overseeing the budget and the management of the entire school as compared to Discipline and Attendance this year,” said Taylor.

Mr. Austin Mayo is one of the math teachers at Lowry, but he has decided to take on the Vice Principal position in the new year.

“I want to help to make an impact in students’ lives and the future success of Lowry High School,” said Mayo. “As most people know this is my alma mater and I take a lot of pride in that and being able to have the opportunity to make an impact here is a major motivating factor for me.”

Mr. Austin Mayo. /Winnada
Mr. Austin Mayo. /Winnada

Mayo has also resigned from the head varsity softball coach, which is being taken over by his current assistant coach Megan Maga.

“As far as giving up coaching goes, this was the #1 con for me when I made out my pros and cons list,” said Mayo. “I love watching athletes develop and helping them learn new skills, not just on the field, but off of it as well.”

Assistant coach, Ms. Megan Maga has been trusted with the head varsity softball coach position by former head coach Austin Mayo. She has spent time with the team and knows the game like the back of her hand.

“I’ve been involved with Lowry softball for the last three years as an assistant coach and I love sharing my knowledge and passion for softball with student-athletes,” said Maga. “Prior to coaching I was a player myself and I played four years of college softball at Carroll College in Helena, Montana.”

Maga saw the job opening as an opportunity to get to know student-athletes with the same interests as her.

“When coach Mayo took the VP job I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to apply to be head coach,” said Maga. “With the hardworking and dedicated players we have and the student-athletes to come, I know we can achieve any goal we set our minds to.”

Mr. Ron Espinola. /Winnada
Mr. Ron Espinola. /Winnada

Mr. Ron Espinola has taught the Winnada/Brand class, also known as Multimedia Communication, Web Design, Accounting and Consumer Finance. However, Espinola plans to take on the Athletic Director position in the upcoming year while continuing to teach Multimedia Communication and Consumer Finance.

“I have always been interested and involved in a variety of athletics in my time at Lowry, “ said Espinola. “Supporting all the programs and activities is important to me and brings something valuable to both the school and the community and I think that is a worthwhile endeavor.”

Although Espinola is taking on another responsibility, he will still be teaching his regular classes.

“It most likely involves dropping Accounting and some Consumer Finance as I want to keep the yearbook and the school newspaper,” said Espinola.

The varsity basketball boy’s head coach position has been open since former coach Nathan Green left. However, state champion coach, Jesse Zamudio, has stepped up to take the job.

“My wife and daughters are huge fans of basketball, especially Lowry Basketball, and this was a great way for me to do something we can all enjoy together,” said Zamudio.

Zamudio wasn’t planning on coaching soon, but it was something he felt he needed to do.

“I decided to take this role because I love Lowry Basketball!” said Zamudio. “I was a part of it as a player and it’s a great feeling to be a part of it as a coach.”

Ms. Michele Doyle is officially going to be a full-time biology teacher in place of Mr. Zack Pruett.

Ms. Megan Maga. /Winnada
Ms. Megan Maga. /Winnada

“I love exposing high school students to Biology and having them look at the world through thelens of science. Hopefully, some will choose to further their education in a scientific field,” said Doyle.

Ms. Carolyn Magadrog’s special education position has been taken over by incoming teacher Kalie Sullivan. Sullivan is planning to make learning an enjoyable experience with her new class.

“I am most looking forward to working with former students I had while subbing, student teaching, and during many of my practicums for college,” said Sullivan. “I am sure the new year will be wonderful despite changes.”

Mr. Brandon Eastman is another one of Lowry’s new biology teachers for the new year. He has worked in and out of Lowry for a while and plans to make this job permanent. Eastman is very excited to be at Lowry and to interact with his new students.

“Teaching is such a rewarding job and I really look forward to interacting with the students on a daily basis,” said Eastman. “I’m really looking forward to seeing what new and exciting things are in store for next school year.”

Eastman is working on getting his teaching license and has received support for his effort from several people.

“I decided to make the jump to work toward my teaching license so I can be full-time,” said Eastman. “Administration has been extremely supportive and were the ones who encouraged me to continue down this path.”