Lowry’s been lacking

By Carly Bell Posted February 6, 2013

My pet peeves at Lowry High School are the lack of honesty, bullying, and favoritism. I chose these three words to describe this school because I think so little of some of the people who attend Lowry.

I chose the word honesty because I have had two iPods stolen from me in my high school career thus far. One was during track practice. It was at the base of my bag, so someone literally had to look through it. The second time was when I forgot to lock the passenger door of my truck, my iPod was under my books. So let me ask you this, where did you hear that it was okay to take others’ stuff? You don’t know how much work it took to obtain that object. I just don’t understand why a person needs to take others’ property. It’s not yours, you have no idea how much it means to them, and I’m not only talking about my iPod. I’m sure many other students have also had objects stolen from them at Lowry. A phone, money, iPod, stereo, etc. I just want to put a stop to all these wrongs that are going on here. Lowry isn’t a bad place, and we aren’t all bad people, we just have people that make bad decisions.

Bullying is a huge issue at Lowry. Yeah, we brought in Rachel’s Challenge. But how long did that “change” last? A month? A week? A day? 30 minutes? Rachel’s Challenge only changed a select few people.

Lowry has a problem with “cliques” as well. We have the jocks, smokers, the partiers, the butches, the preps, the cowboys, weirdos, the people who only are with their girlfriend/ boyfriend who devotes their lives to them so they have no other friends, and, last but not least, the everyone else group. Cliques seem to be a problem because each group feels targeted by another and so on and so forth.

Lowry High sports. That’s all I need to say. Coaches say they select their team by talent and their playing ability. But when you look at who makes some of the lineups, you then realize that some of the students’ last names are what gets them everything in their lives. And by names I mean their family is kind of a big deal in this town so if they didn’t make the team something’s going to happen. Your parents’ history and friendship with a coach should not determine whether or not you make a sport over another student. Did you know that a coach can choose a team purely if they like the person or not? Well, they can, and Lowry needs to better look into this favoritism going on, and do something about it.