Maddex Hislop enjoys new sport

Maddex Hislop enjoys new sport

By Ariana Lee Rothe Posted March 21, 2024

Coach Andrew Meyer chose Maddex Hislop as the Student of the Week in golf.

“Maddex is dedicated and he’s doing good,” said Meyer.

Meyer is trying to support his team and help them to improve. He thinks Hislop is a good fit in the team and gets along well with everybody.

Hislop thinks this golf season will be good, there are a lot of benefits of golf and he can play it for the rest of his life.

“There are many people I will meet in golf, from the coaches to the players I will be playing with,” said Hislop.

He will get to play some of the best golf courses in Nevada for prefix got inspired to do golf because I wanted to get good and play with my uncle and his friends,“ Hislop said.

He’s only been golfing for two years.

“The most fun part is when you make a good shot and follow it up with another good shot,“ said Hislop.

Maddex also wrestles. He thinks Coach Meyer is an outstanding coach; he helps and teaches