Making Club Skills USA into a lifestyle

Making Club Skills USA into a lifestyle

By Macy Whitted Posted March 10, 2023

In February 5 students competed at the Northeast Regional Welding Competition in Elko. 

At the competition many of the Skills USA team placed in the top five, the top four will advance to the state competition in April.

Presley Hayes, a sophomore, placed first in the competition. Zane Cano placed second as a sophomore, Anton Mendoza tied for third place as a junior, and Tesa Urrutia placed eighth as a junior. 

“My favorite part about competing is the competition itself, I like doing something I’m good at and competing at it with others,” said AJ Mendoza. 

Mr. Andrew Meyer, the advisor, enjoys teaching Skills USA because there are so many things you can do. There is an endless amount of things you can be entered into the club for. SkillsUSA isn’t just about high school competitions, it holds the key to your future career. 

“I have been the lead advisor of SkillsUSA for 11 years, I love it because it got me where I am today,” said Meyer. “I would not be a teacher if it weren’t for Skills.”

Junior, Tesa Urrutia is a part of the welding industry and wants to take it a step further and make it a future career. Urrutia thinks welding is the perfect fit for her.

“Skills USA helps me with taking my knowledge and furthering it for my future career,” said Urrutia. 

Sophomore Hunter Fears is a part of the carpentry topic, he enjoys it because it offers many hands-on projects and it helps him prepare for his upcoming career. Fears wishes to become a carpenter, he believes the job is a good fit for him.

“Skills USA is an organization that tests kids’ skills, and sets them up for future careers,” said Fears.

Skills USA is about more than just competition. Most students use this as a hobby and plan to take it into a future career they are considering. 

“I do SkillsUSA because that is what I plan on doing in the future, and I want to prepare myself,” said AJ Mendoza. 

Club members plan to take what they learned at Elko, and take it to state with them in April. The members who will be going to state for the welding competition are Presley Hayes, Zane Cano, and AJ Mendoza. 

Presley Hayes with her medal
and particpation award after
winning fi rst place./ Courtesy •
Andrew Meyer
Presley Hayes with her medal and participation award after winning first place./ Courtesy • Andrew Meyer