More than just a smile

More than just a smile

By Lainey Novacek Posted March 10, 2023

Rudy Gonzalez is the Lowry High School janitor and deserves to be recognized. He has done so much for this school and not many people see this. Without him, this school would be an absolute mess. 

Rudy starts his day extremely early so he can get here and help out the students who arrive at school early in the morning. He cares for everyone and wants to see everyone succeed in whatever they want to do. 

“I wake up at 3:30 in the morning and get to the school around 4:45,” said Rudy. “I then clean the main offices, and I unlock all of the doors for the kids who are here early.”

Rudy stays at Lowry until 2:30 p.m. or even longer, depending on the mess, making sure everything is in order for the next day at school. Rudy wants to make sure that the students, as well as the teachers, do well every day and that starts with clean surroundings. 

Rudy is always here for the students at Lowry High and he makes everyone’s days better just by being here.

“Rudy is like a breath of fresh air,” said Madysson Muñoz, “whenever I need him, he always is there for me.” 

Rudy makes the students here happy because of how much he cares for them. Everyone who has had a conversation with Rudy always smiles because of his friendliness and kindness. Our principal, Mr. Parks, enjoys having Rudy working at the school. 

“He has been a great addition to our school,” said Parks. “He was a former Lowry graduate and he takes pride in his work.” 

Rudy is here for everyone at Lowry High whenever they need a smile. 

Rudy and Marcos Rodriguez
smile big for a picture./ Alexa
Toscano • The Brand
Rudy and Marcos Rodriguez smile big for a picture./ Alexa Toscano • The Brand