Mean Girls

Mean Girls

By Madison Waldie Posted April 18, 2012

As many of you might know and realize, I am a person that is full of useless information and opinions. Recently, it has been brought to my attention that there is one thing that grinds my gears more than others: Girls who constantly slander and put down the male population. You know the comments that I am referring to.

“Guys are so mean!” “Why isn’t he nice to me?”

Since the time we were in first and second grade, the motto has always been, “Girls rule, boys drool,” but why? Why has this conviction been inscribed in our minds? Adam didn’t even sin first, Eve did. How often do you hear of the drama between two guys in the hallways? Hardly ever. I cannot remember the last time I heard of “Jorge and Kevin are fighting because Jorge hit on Kevin’s woman,” or “Jamal and Nick are in a feud because Jamal wanted to hang out with Joe instead of Nick.”

Guys show so much more loyalty within their friendships than girls do. They have a guy code’ and stick to it, but when they are fighting, they are aware that not everyone and their grandmas need to hear about it so they respect their privacy and keep things quiet. I have found that they keep secrets better too. When was the last time that you heard the latest hot gossip from a boy and not a girl? It could be that boys don’t care about what the fight was over, or who stole whose boyfriend, or it could be that the males are normally more honest, confident, and laid-back.

I am not going to blindly state that this is the case all of the time because I know just as well as you do that relationships and the four-letter ‘L’ word change things. There are exceptions to everything, and some men do treat women unfairly, and wrong, but these are normally the women that are talking about their ‘mean’ and ‘uncaring’ boyfriend behind their backs, and being unfaithful and cunning when he isn’t around. Perhaps if you confronted him with your problems they could be sorted out between the two of you, instead of between you and your 1092 Facebook friends.

I am not trying to imply that I hate all girls either because I am one and that would be rather nonsensical and dim. The misandry that some girls show is just ignorant and makes me want to spend more of my time around the male population. It is a cruel and vicious cycle because the girls that speak all of this nonsense are the ones that are “SO BORED” and need someone to “Text me!”

Maybe if they took all of the effort that they put into hating boys and used it to try and get along with them, things would be different and people would get along. Enough said.

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