Maybe you should listen for once

Maybe you should listen for once

By Harley Long Posted April 18, 2012

There are so many little things that bother me; they just push my buttons, and grind my gears. The little pet peeves that make the mind go crazy, yet you try so hard to fight it and not let them show. Well, I’m letting them all show, and telling the world my pet peeves.

One problem is when you are purposely trying to avoid everyone and then everywhere you go they’re there or they text you to tell you off or they just completely make your high school life miserable. I’ve never even had a conversation with half of these people and they are treating me like I’m ruining their lives. Maybe they should put on my shoes and see how I feel.

There’s also one where you can’t sit down in one position for more than 15 minutes. The movie theatre is always the worst. You can’t sit through the whole movie without having to get up to go walk around about seven times. You can’t just sit still, you have to shake your legs or get up and move around.

When being overly grossed out by saliva, you don’t want to really share anything with anyone. You can’t share straws or eating utensils period. The whole feeling or thought of someone else’s mouth juices is sickening.

Yes, it is a nice gesture of kindness, but not always do people want you to spend your hard-earned money on them. They would probably rather pay for themselves or take turns paying for one another if they go out. How about we all go Dutch.

When people say you don’t respect them, if they didn’t have respect for you then they wouldn’t talk to you in the first place. Some people are just kind-hearted and always have manners and perfect behavior for everything. Just because they don’t show it 24/7, does not mean that they do not care. Not everyone has the strength or the right mindset to be able to treat someone perfectly for their entire life. If they say something to you over and over and put a lot of heartfelt words into everything they say to you then they really do care and do show respect for you.

The worst one yet is when people ask you to change. Then when you do change for them they get angry. After saying you have changed they tell you, “You shouldn’t have to change for me.” Why would you tell someone that you don’t want to date them until they change and then when they do change for you, you completely dump them on their rear?

If you’re ever in a relationship and someone says they have issues or phobias or just straight-up problems, don’t tell them to change because you don’t like it. They’re born that way. It’s part of being human, you have them too, don’t take everything out on them. They’re not going to change for you unless you actually meant the world to them. Don’t be rude and toy with them while they try and prove everything to you. They’re actually trying while you are off having the best time of your life and not having a care in the world.

Maybe you should sit down and listen every once in awhile, it will help yourself and others out a lot.

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