Kevin and Nic’s rant

Kevin and Nic’s rant

By Kevin Boyle & Nic Velasquez Posted April 18, 2012

Kevin: I really love classes such as journalism. It really teaches you a lot about life as well as work ethic. It really is one of my favorite things next to dipping my face in lava.
Nic: School starts just early enough to make my day feel like I am an insomniac that gets 10 minutes of sleep every night. If I got 30 more minutes of sleep in the morning, I would be golden.
Kevin: I love how the bells constantly remind me that I’m late for my terrible day.

Kevin Boyle, Online Editor
Kevin Boyle, Online Editor

Nic: I really hate when people claim that they know a lot when in reality they are really good at using Google.
Kevin: I love when I turn in applications and the boss never calls me back.
Nic: I hate it when people say they work out constantly and say how big of a workout. freak they are, but all they can do is bench press.

Kevin: I love how Facebook tells me how many friend requests I don’t have.
Nic: I hate how people take stuff too seriously on Facebook.
Kevin: I love when people quote songs on Facebook; they’re so deep.
Nic: I hate when people send me friend requests.

Nic: I hate when people around me talk in a language I can’t understand. I always feel like they are talking about me.
Kevin: I love it when America gets mad and goes to war.
Nic: I hate Mexican food.
Kevin: I think Lowry Baseball is so good at sports. They will never lose again.
Nic: I hate newspapers.

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