Movie Review: ‘House at the end of the Street’

Movie Review: ‘House at the end of the Street’

By Leticia Gomez Posted February 26, 2013

“House at the End of the Street” is not that great of a ‘scary’ movie. It was sick, like mentally sick, more than anything. When I saw the commercials I thought it was going to be a great scary movie and my hopes were crushed.

When I saw the commercials it looked like the movie may possibly be about a haunting. Well, it wasn’t. It was about a disturbed man who stole women with blonde hair and kept them locked up in his basement.

As a young boy, the crazy man Ryan (Max Thieriot), and his sister Carrie Anne were swinging and attempting to hold hands. However, Carrie Anne fell backward off the swing and died. Soon after, Ryan’s parents forced him to grow out his hair and act as though he were Carrie Anne. This caused him to go crazy and so when he was a young adult he killed his parents. The entire town had thought that the young ‘girl’ had disappeared not knowing the truth behind it all. Years later, after Ryan had stopped acting as Carrie Anne, he still felt that he needed Carrie Anne in his life. So he stole young blonde women, made them wear blue contacts, and called them Carrie Anne. He would bring the girls meals and they would try to escape. But Ryan needed Carrie Anne so he would drug them. Then a girl moved next door and became friends with Ryan and discovered his awful secret. But he told her there was just no room for her and Carrie Anne in his life. So he kidnapped her too.

Nothing in this movie was even relatively close to being scary.  And it is categorized as a thriller/horror which it is neither because I was not thrilled nor horrified.