Mr. Lowry Pageant proves to be a big success

Mr. Lowry Pageant proves to be a big success

By Chloe Rusconi Posted February 18, 2009

Lowry’s Varsity dance team hosted the second annual Mr. Lowry pageant on Tuesday, February 3. The eight contestants hoping to win the prestigious title of Mr. Lowry were: seniors J’mar Tarafa, Brandon Connell, and Ryan Mathes, juniors JD Christianson, Adam Gray, Alex Schumacher, and Andrew Soderstrom, and freshman Allen Mezenen.

The pageant consisted of a talent portion, a question session, and a dance-off. During the talent portion, Tarafa sang “Your Name” by The GooGoo Dolls and Connell sang “Banana Pancake” by Jack Johnson. They both evoked screams and claps from the enthusiastic audience. Mezenen also showed musical talent by playing his guitar but didn’t sing.

When asked about his talent, Christianson revealed that he could perform karate and fight crime when he beat up Gray and Schumacher in slow motion. Gray read a Robert Frost Poem, Schumacher played drums, Soderstrom sang a song from the movie “Step Brothers,” and Mathes showed off his super strength.

After the talent portion, the Q&A session began. The contestants were asked a variety of deep and insightful questions. Mezenen would take Britney Spears to a deserted island. Gray would change his name to Megatron or Optimus Prime from Transformers.

In the final dance-off round, each contestant showed the crowd how they could move to the beat. This portion brought out their inner dancers, bringing laughter throughout the auditorium. Andrew shook his booty and made everyone laugh. After that, it was time to vote and decide who would be this years’, Mr. Lowry. The wait was short and in the end, J’mar Tarafa won over the crowd.

“The pageant was like a bunch of clowns getting into a fistfight, hilarious and tense at the same time,” said Tarafa.

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