Music is the dementor’s weakness

By Aimee Brandon Posted February 7, 2014

First, so I don’t confuse all you sad lifeless muggles who just don’t read the best books in the world, dementors are a creature in the book series “Harry Potter”. Dementors are soulless and they suck out souls with their kiss, leaving the victim mindless.

Lucky for muggles, non-magic folk, dementors are invisible to them so they aren’t forced to live in constant fear of the kiss, though you should. In assistance to this problem, I have a theory that if you listen to music that makes you happy you are immune to the kiss of a dementor. Music can be good for your soul, giving you comfort in hard times, making you happy, therefore it is a dementor’s weakness.

 The Patronus Charm is a spell that is capable of defending against dementors. Furthering my opinion into the Patronus charm, the spell for defending against dementors is connected to music.

If you continue to refuse to believe the truth about the wizarding world then at least take this, it was greatly believed that in JK Rowling’s books “Harry Potter” dementors were a metaphor for depression. In this case, I am telling you music has the ability, if used properly, to defend against depression.