Music Review: ‘Dogs Eating Dogs’

By Jolyn Garcia Posted September 12, 2013

After the release and success of their 2011 album, “Neighborhoods”, Blink-182 decided to create a new EP.

“Dogs Eating Dogs” was released on December 18, 2012, and has a sound that is both familiar and fresh to Blink-182 fans. The opening track of this EP is “When I Was Young”, this song revisits childhood from an adult’s point of view. Tom Delonge wrote the closing song “Pretty Little Girl” as a dedication to his wife. This song features an appearance from rapper Yelawolf, which adds a different vibe to the entire track.

The greatest track of this album is “Disaster.” This song is purely Blink-182 with charged drum beats and a fast tempo. A listener is able to pick up on hints of Angels and Airwaves, Delonge’s side band.

Whether you are an old Blink-182 fan or a new listener, “Dogs Eating Dogs” is an album that won’t soon disappoint.