Nail polish, the true form of expression

By Taylor LaTray, Posted January 16, 2014

I believe nail polish is one of the oldest forms of expression for women. As makeup and clothes change, the bottle and techniques of applying nail polish seem to stay the same. The colors vary from dull to bright, sparkly to natural. Endless possibilities of designs and colors can identify anyone.

For example, you can match your nails to your outfit, or even to your eyes. It’s really quite nifty. Nail polish is one thing the majority of girls learn to love as children and it becomes a normal thing. Take Jesse Schirrick as an example, she’s got a new color every day and you can find her painting her nails in various situations.

The only negative aspect to nail polish is the time it takes for the polish to dry. If the individual is not careful within this time span, a single smudge can ruin the whole masterpiece. However, these days there are several tricks to drying your nails such as cold water, PAM, or even quick nail dry spray.

Nail polish is one of the oldest and most consistent forms of expression, and it will stay that way for several more years. Due to its simplicity, nail polish is very much like a pair of jeans; no matter what new forms are produced, the original form will always be extremely popular.