NHS holds campus clean-up

By Brandon Eastman Posted September 20, 2011

On the morning of September 10, Lowry High School’s National Honor Society held a campus clean-up in order to help make our school look more presentable.

With the help of Tyler Brumm, Sarah Gillespie, Raven Black, Carli Evatz, Mrs. Debbie Watts, Mr. Doc Welter, and Mrs. Michellse Pasquale, they spent over two hours picking up garbage around the school and pulling weeds throughout the campus.

Due to the fact that Lowry is without a groundskeeper, NHS saw it as an opportunity for an extra community service project and took it upon themselves to do something about it. After inviting several clubs, organizations and teams from the high school, there was a very sparse turnout, and to each and every person who attended, it is greatly appreciated. It is asked that, as a student of Lowry, we should respect the school enough that we should not throw trash on the ground, and if you do see some trash on the ground, do the right thing and pick it up. National Honor Society is considering making the campus clean-up a regular occurrence.

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