Lowry holds open House

By Jessie Schirrick Posted September 15, 2011

Open house at Lowry High School was held September 8 for students and parents to meet teachers and establish a connection with their child’s scholastic career.

“The tacos were great,” said Alyssa Jones, one of the numerous people to show up to open house.

“This is the first year they served tacos,” said Alex Schirrick.

This may be due to the fact that the faculty wants to switch up the menu in order to keep the masses coming back each year.

“Last year they had hamburgers and drinks,” said Taylor Latray one of the 2010 Open House-goers.

The big night was kicked off with a speech by Lowry’s principal, Mrs. Watts. She gave a speech about the expectations she holds for every one of Lowry’s students.

The Buckaroos will be sure to meet and exceed those expectations as they do, every year.

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