NIAA Director addresses realignment at board meeting

NIAA Director addresses realignment at board meeting

By Ben Norfolk Posted February 4, 2010

On January 26, 2010, Eddie Bonine, the Executive Director of the NIAA, was in Winnemucca to explain the realignment process to the HCSD School Board.

Around one year ago the NIAA started a realignment process because of the southern 3A losing schools. Pahrump Valley Union High School and Faith Lutheran High School moved into the Southern 4A because of enrolment numbers. This caused the Southern 3A to have only three schools, and there were six in the north. Since there were only three schools in the south those schools had to travel to Utah and Arizona so they could have a full schedule. With the changes that are going to be made Clark County schools will save around 100,000 dollars.

“In Elko county, approximately 125,000 dollars will be saved in travel costs with this new present proposal,” said NIAA Executive Director Eddie Bonine.

Lowry would be in one of three pods and would have to travel to West Wendover and to Ely. For basketball, the idea would be to make travel to those games during the same trip so it could save some money.

The sport that will cost the most money is football. With this realignment proposal, Lowry would play South Tahoe, Elko, Fallon and possibly Wooster. For wrestling, everything will stay the same.

So far Wooster has resisted dropping to the 3A. However Bonine reported that Wooster has decided instead of just dropping football to 3A, they will drop all sports.

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