J.D. Christensen is Mr. Lowry for 2010

J.D. Christensen is Mr. Lowry for 2010

By Brittany Nielsen Posted February 4, 2010

The first day of Winterfest is always exciting; there is the pep assembly, lunchtime activity, the dress-up day, and the event after school. This year on Monday night at 6 p.m. students and parents alike geared up to watch six guys compete to become the next Mr. Lowry.

To become Mr. Lowry, seniors J.D. Christensen, Kiefer Maestrejuan, Alex Schumacher, juniors Luis Gutierrez, and Jonathan “JJ” Diaz, and freshman Brian Kilcourse competed in three events: talent, interview, and a dance competition.

For the talent portion of the show, Christensen went first and played the guitar but with a twist. Just after he got done two masked men came out and attacked Christensen in a strobe light setting, however, Christensen came out on top.

“Pretty good Adam actually punched me in the face like for real so I have like a fat lip now,” said Christensen.

Diaz performed next who recited a beautiful love poem Kilcourse’s talent was to master a rubrics cube in one minute, Schumacher who played the drums in the dark with glow lights and dry ice. Maestrejuan recited the lines from the “One Man Wolf Pack” speech from “The Hangover”, and Gutierrez who sang ‘Stu’s song’ from “The Hangover” as well.

With the interview segment there were many laughs, with questions such as:

“If you were a dance style what would you be?”

Christensen’s dance style would be described as “robust.”

“If you were a color what color would you be?”

Diaz would be yellow or a bright color, Schumacher would be a turquoise magenta mix as a color, and Gutierrez would be a mix of turquoise’s and magenta’s baby and Blue and Reds baby had a baby he would be that color.

“If you were stranded on a desert island what would you bring?”

Kilcourse would bring a girl, Joey Lester and a Rubrics Cube to the island.

The dance contest was the last competition before the naming of Mr. Lowry. The competitors had to dance to three different music clips. The auditorium was filled with non-stop laughter. After the dancing had ceased the audience voted and the winner of Mr. Lowry was J.D. Christensen and the runner-up was Brian Kilcourse.

When asked about what Kilcourse thought of Mr. Lowry he said, “At first I had my doubts. I didn’t think that I was going to do it and win or at least pull second so I thought I wasn’t actually going to do it.”

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