On the right: Mitt Romney

By Taylor LaTray Posted October 3, 2012

Why settle for a repeat of the last four years when you can vote for a change?

Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee running against Obama in the presidential campaign of 2012 and he represent that change. Romney has many goals if elected that he promises to carry out. Mitt Romney believes that we need to have a strong economy, and he can help make us stronger.

Obama may have done some good things while in office, but let’s face it, the Navy Seals found and killed Osama Bin Laden, any president would have given the same order to let them do so. Obama did not in any way help them find the terrorist. Our country is still having economic problems and the small amount it has improved is not because of Obama. The enormous stimulus bill passed under Obama has simply not had the desired effect. The real effect of it and other Obama policies is to increase our already massive debt to 16 trillion dollars. And didn’t he promise to decrease it?

Romney is change and a good change at that. He will affect everybody’s lives with the actions he intends on taking. Mitt plans on to repealing Obamacare, Romney also intends to give coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. He has big tax cuts in mind for America’s future too; Romney has a plan that calls for an all-around cut of 20 percent. giving Americans more money to spend should stimulate the economy.

As president, Romney has a select few important plans that will be great for America overall. He believes in a smaller, simpler and smarter government and will cut federal spending and regulation in the process of achieving his plans. Romney will bring the reforms that America needs to Medicare and social security while also working to reduce the size and reach of the federal government and balancing the budget.

The plan Obama has for America is unclear and not effective and is potentially making things worse. Why would we re-elect someone who is not fully in touch with the needs of the people? Romney believes in America and believing in him is definitely in our own best interest.