Open Your Eyes: Fitness

Open Your Eyes: Fitness

By Taylor LaTray Posted October 3, 2012

Having good health or physical condition, especially as a child, is important to your general well-being. The importance of an individual’s fitness is emphasized on television, in magazines, within schools…everywhere. People are just beginning to realize what being fit means and how it positively affects a lifestyle.

“If you don’t stay fit your elderly years are going to be hard on you, I’m not fit, so I can say that for a fact. To be fit, you have to find some sort of activity that appeases you and continue it. You also need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, little junk food, and lots of water,” said P.E. aid, Mrs. Kerns. “The majority of students at Lowry are fit. However, in my personal opinion, we need a program for kids who aren’t as involved in fitness.”

Exercise and fitness benefit you inside and out. Exercising at an appropriate amount maintains the performance of your heart and lungs, which helps you to properly keep your weight under control. Physical activity decreases the risk of stroke, heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Exercise can be something that an individual enjoys and increases their happiness. Not can exercise increase happiness, but can also relieve depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms. Fitness is not specific, it does not necessarily matter what you are doing as long as you’re doing something. Any type of moderate activity is considered physical and can contribute to your fitness.

“Unhealthy people aren’t attractive; I wouldn’t date an unhealthy person. On a scale of 1-10 on eating healthy, I eat at about a 5, however I am very physically active. As long as you do more activities than your normal day requires then it’s fitness, Go Football!” said Michal Arenas.

Many argue that they do not participate in physical activity because the gym costs too much and they are no longer in P.E. That argument is one that many people make and it is no excuse and is invalid. A gym is not needed to be fit and eat healthily. You can do cardio or run inside or outside of your own home, and that is an adequate amount of physical activity.

Part of having good fitness in your lifestyle is eating correctly and healthily. A healthy diet is essential to be sure that adolescents grow up strong and fit. It is important that you eat the correct amount of food but that you do not over eat. While choosing a meal you need to ensure that you’re getting the appropriate amount of vitamins, proteins, amino acids, etc. An overload of these nutrients, or too little, can affect your body in many negative ways.

The technology of today makes being healthy an easier thing to do and not so much of a hassle. The first lady is just as the rest of the world and she makes time to keep herself fit, and promotes others’ fitness. We now produce electronics that count the calories that you take in and burn off.

Workout plans are posted everywhere, and almost every town in our country contains at least one gym, most usually have more than one. There is no excuse as to why you can’t choose to eat healthier and exercise even in the comfort of your own home. Even ten minutes a day can make a huge difference and change many aspects of your life forever.