Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts

By Wyatt Lester Posted October 3, 2012

Do go crazy on homecoming, like in the movies.

Don’t end up in jail though.

Do try to participate in the Olympics, four years from now.

Don’t take steroids when you do go to the Olympics.

Do eat at Mcdonald’s because it’s cheap and delicious.

Do win the lottery.

Don’t lose your winning ticket though.

Don’t buy a Heath bar.

Do buy a Snickers and be a normal guy.

Don’t take out a bank loan unless you’re going to repay it.

Don’t have a bunch of chicken coops unless you have chickens.

Do watch “The Chaw” on YouTube. He is the epitome of a man.

Don’t watch illegally downloaded movies though, unless you have a darn good lawyer.

Don’t vote for Obama.

Don’t vote for Romney.

Don’t vote at all.

Do vote for me though.

Do follow me on Twitter @TheWyattLester.

Don’t add me on Facebook, I don’t like you.

Don’t buy the iPhone5.

Do buy Borderlands 2 for Xbox 360 though because it’s a better investment of your time. Also, it’s a better piece of technology.

Don’t move to North Korea.

Do move to Sweden, they have the best economy in the world.

Don’t borrow money from the mob.

Do borrow money from your parents though; they won’t break your legs if you don’t pay them back right away.

Don’t get “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” mixed up.

Do wear a full suit at least once in your life, you feel powerful.

Don’t wear a Speedo if you’re a member of the male gender unless you’re in the Olympics.

Do try to find Sasquatch. Please try.

Don’t try to find aliens; they possess more of a threat to mankind.