Pep Band keeps school spirit high

Pep Band keeps school spirit high

By Alexa Toscano 

The Lowry High pep band has a big impact on school spirit; they’re always at every sports event and most school events cheering on Lowry. One of the first major events of the school year is homecoming. They started off this year’s homecoming game by playing at the assembly. They played music for the seniors when they walked in cheering them on. They also played the national anthem along with school songs to keep the crowd entertained. 

They made sure to get there early to warm up and set up. They were also the last ones to leave playing pep music while the rest of the students went out for lunch.

Kelsen Sisley is currently a sophomore who has been a part of a pep band for two years. He is a percussionist which means he is able to play many instruments such as the drums, bells, triangles, and more.

“The assemblies are always fun,” said Sisley. “We’ve all made many memories throughout them.” 

Football games are always a blast since the start of the year. Despite the cold weather they all enjoy supporting the team through music. However, the homecoming game is always extra special for them. Since more students are involved, it leads up to the dance. They engaged with the crowd and created an entertaining atmosphere. They made sure to keep spirits high even if the team was down. 

The homecoming game was bittersweet because it was the last home game of the season. Many of the musicians have been performing since their freshman year. They are going to miss performing for the crowd alongside their friends. Many had the opportunity to make many memories that night laughing and seeing the crowd happy.

 At the end of the night, they all had a blast. Although, for many, this was their last one they made sure to have a blast they thought about their progress throughout the years. All of them made sure to make it memorable with their love for music. They spent the night underneath the stars doing something they enjoyed they brought spirit to the crowd through their music.