Performer of the Week: Hiram Howell

Performer of the Week: Hiram Howell

By Harley Long Posted March 15, 2012

This week’s performer of the week goes to Hiram Howell. He is a senior this year and has been in band and choir all four years of high school. He is the only player in band that plays the tuba.

Mr. Paul Criddle said, “He’s the tuba man. He was in North Eastern Nevada Honor band for being the only tuba player at Lowry.”

Recently the choir nominated Howell to represent them in all-state choirs.

“He’s the only one in Lowry that made it to All-State Choir. Hiram is always really dedicated and did his part well,” said Criddle.

All throughout Howell’s high school career he has been into the music career and been in Mr. Criddle’s classes.

“I’ve been in the music program for four years, four long grueling years of utter annoyance,” said Hiram Howell.

Criddle said, “Hiram always does everything with great enthusiasm and does everything to the best of his abilities. Hiram deserves to be the performer of the week, especially during the week of State.”

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