POW: Maricela Mendoza and Odaliz Loyola

By Clarissa Olson Posted March 13, 2018

Maricela Mendoza and Odaliz Loyola are doing their mural in the art building. /Clarissa Olson • The Brand

This week’s Performers of the Week were chosen by Mrs. Julia Topholm.

“For Performer of the Week, I have two of my advanced students who have been in the program since their freshman year,” said Topholm. “They’re currently working on our mural project to help beautify our campus. The two young ladies are Maricela Mendoza and Odaliz Loyola.”

Over the years, the two seniors have proven their dedication to the arts.

“They competed in the Scholastic competition, and they’ve been honored for their work at a state level,” said Topholm.

The girls have also proven to be exemplary models of the teamwork and cooperation that is being taught to us every day.

They throw ideas out to each other. They work with their other classmates really well. That’s the thing about being an artist. It’s more about being a part of a community, rather than just an individual, and it shows in the work they do together.

Topholm even spoke of their enthusiasm on the subject.

“They love art, from my perspective. They enjoy it and work hard. When they come in, its full force getting into their projects.”

Mendoza and Loyola are known to express their individuality in their work.

“I think the most inspiring thing about these two young ladies, is that no matter what challenge they’re given within an art project, they can always find a way to put their own spin on it, and put their own artist signature to it,” said Topholm. “Being an artist, that is crucial, because it shows that you are willing to not only take what you have learned, but to apply it in a different way and challenge yourself. Both of these young ladies do that every day.”

Mendoza and Loyola’s work, along with that of other artists at our school, can be seen around campus in the mural projects, and at the art show at the Humboldt County Museum.