What to Watch: ‘Heathers’

By Samm Sharp Posted March 22, 2018

“The best high school black comedy ever made,” according to Entertainment Weekly; “Heathers” (1988) takes place at a cliquish high school in Ohio. The most popular and rich clique at the school is the Heathers, which consists of three girls named Heather, and a Veronica (Winona Ryder).

Even though Veronica is part of the popular clique, she doesn’t approve of the Heathers’ rude behavior towards their classmates. Veronica begins to break off from the group, and she runs into J.D. (Christian Slater) who becomes her boyfriend.

J.D. and Veronica confront the lead Heather (Kim Walker), about her indecency for those around her. J.D. manages to “accidentally” poison Heather with drain cleaner. Veronica panics and J.D. forces her to write a suicide note, to make the death look intentional. After that, J.D. tricks Veronica into killing two football players; again making it look like a double suicide.

Now, J.D. isn’t all that he seems. He begins lying to Veronica, and she realizes he had the intent of killing them the entire time. J.D. starts a “petition” around the school, which is actually a group suicide note. J.D. is going to blow up the whole school.

“Heathers” is not only a classic, but was made into a musical as well as a TV show. It was given a 95% from the Rotten Tomatoes critics, and won two awards in 1990. This cynical film is definitely worth a watch, for its murderous plot and thrilling character development.