Powderpuff game ends in tie

Powderpuff game ends in tie

By Chloe Rusconi Posted October 22, 2008

In a defensive struggle that hasn’t been seen since 300 Spartans defended the pass of Thermopylae against the invading Persians, the Sophomore-Junior team played the Freshman-Senior team to a stalemate.

Freshman-Senior coach, Derrick Macliz, stated, “Our defense is tearing it up.”

During the fifty-minute game, both teams struggled to move the ball. The longest run of the game was made by senior Missy McKinnon, who advanced forty yards until she was taken down by junior Abbey Haaglund.

Although the Freshman-Senior team was at a disadvantage with only seventeen players compared to the Sophomore-Junior team of thirty, they worked hard and held their own. Both teams practiced six times during the last two weeks. The Freshman-Senior team even held a practice just before the game.

“Things are going so-so but I think we can pick things up in the second half, I think we need to run the ball more efficiently and pass more,” said a weary junior Skylar Estes.

“The first-half has been back and forth, a defensive struggle, I would like to see more offense going,” replied Sophomore-Junior coach Matt Felshaw.

Macliz said, “They [girls] are playing like boys and that is the way we like it.” On the last play of the game the Sophomore-Junior quaterback threw a Hail Mary pass, but the ball slipped through the receiver’s hands as the buzzer sounded.

“Some girl kicked me in the jaw,” said senior Erica Graham during the intense game. Even though the game was a battle, the players relished the challenge and look forward to next year.

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