The Brand prints first edition

The Brand prints first edition

By Amy Balagna Posted October 22, 2008

Lowry High now has a school newspaper produced by the journalism classes. This is the first of five print editions for the school year. Future print dates are December 17, February 18, April 8, and May 20.

In addition to the print editions, the class also maintains an online version of the newspaper ( The web site is updated at least twice a week by the Online Editor.

“We put a lot of effort into this newspaper and I’m very proud of it,” said Esmeralda Aguilar, a reporter for The Brand. The staff has worked hard to produce a respectable paper and feels they have succeeded.

The students have received advice and assistance from the staff of The Humboldt Sun. In addition to printing and carrying The Brand as an insert on October 24, staff members from The Sun are providing their expertise in the areas of layout, photography, and journalistic writing.

“The class is putting together a professional publication that the whole school can be proud of. Everyone is still learning about what it takes to be a journalist and create a newspaper. Throughout the year our goal is to improve the quality of our work,” said Mr. Ron Espinola, the instructor of the class.

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